Rebozo comfort measure in labor

A Rebozo is a long, woven scarf used for many purposes. Here we see a father lifting his wife’s belly to rock her gently between labor contractions. He lifts an inch, maybe two, and begins slowly rocking her belly. She relaxes and the baby can rotate and descend in labor.


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  1. 36hesperia36 says:

    Thank you for the correction, I always get OP and OA mixed up!

  2. jlks29 says:

    Anterior position is when the baby faces the mom’s spine and that is OPTIMAL.

    Posterior position is when the baby faces mom’s front and that can lengthen the time it takes for baby to descend and can be very painful for mom as the baby’s head is tight against her back and tailbone.

  3. 36hesperia36 says:

    Great demonstration on using a robozo during labour. This can really help ease back pain.

    Back pain in labour is generally from baby being in an anterior position (baby facing moms spine), using a robozo in this way can help the baby move into a more correct position (posterior or facing moms front), which helps for an easier birth and less back pain.

  4. melisandebrat says:

    This looks cool. I wonder if it would be helpful or annoying.
    I guess it’s helping this mom and that’s what counts.

  5. mztweety1374 says:


  6. pupcorgi5 says:

    thats was weird but ok

  7. 777shalom777 says:

    Thanks for posting. I’d like to see other ways to use a rebozo on a laboring woman too. ;)